Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams: What can you do right now?

If you’re lucky to have access to a Microsoft Surface Hub in your organisation, you may be wondering if Microsoft Teams will work on the device.

Microsoft are working on a Teams app for the surface hub, but whilst we wait for that to become available, what features are available to us right now?


Signing In to Teams

First things first; If we don’t have a Teams app on the device how do we sign in and use Teams? The answer is to simply browse to from the built in Edge browser on the surface hub.

Sign in with your organisation credentials, and you’re in!


The interface

If you’ve used the web version of Teams before, you’ll feel right at home. Everything looks and feels exactly the same on the big screen as it would on the small screen. You get easy access to the Teams activity feed via the left hand navigation, as well as chats, teams, meetings and files.

Using the chat screen, you can easily invite team mates into a chat, just as you would on your desktop. Gifs work too!


What does work

Surprisingly, quite a lot!

  • The activity feed, and chat work great
  • Voice and Video calls with the built in camera and mic/speakers works
  • Adding Gifs to chat works
  • Scheduling and joining Microsoft Teams meetings works


What doesn’t work

Right now, the following things don’t work in the web client on the Surface Hub:

  • Adding additional attendees to a meeting once the meeting has started
  • Presenting your desktop, or other content
  • Adding content to a chat

I imagine that a whole bunch of other things don’t work as expected too, but am yet to test every feature.


What about the Microsoft Teams surface hub app

It’s coming! We don’t know when, but when it does become available it’ll most certainly be available for download from the App store.

Keep those eyes peeled to Twitter to stay up to date with the latest Surface Hub and Teams announcements!



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