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Here’s a list of upcoming events related to Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Office 365 and the cloud.

Date Location Event Description
1st April 2020 Virtual Teams Meeting TeamsFest: Spring 2020 Networking matters: How to ensure voice and video quality in Teams

Real time voice and video are highly dependent on the quality of your network. Are you confident that yours is up to the challenge? We’ll look at Microsoft recommended methods to test your network prior to deployment, tackle common mis-configuration mistakes, discover the importance of end user devices and show you how to optimise your network configuration to best support real time media in Microsoft Teams

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29th April 2020 London, UK Commsverse Understanding Guest Access in Teams

Sharing documents and collaborating with external parties is more popular than ever. How do you ensure your data remains secure in a culture of sharing?

We’ll delve into why guest access and external sharing is a good thing in Microsoft Teams and how enabling these features can actually increase the security of your data.

We’ll explore how to enable these features, and what happens when you turn them on, as well as some best practices around handling guests and external sharing.

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