Guest Blogger Policy

I love supporting the technical community, both via the content I post here, as well as sessions I deliver either in person, via Teams or via pre-recorded audio/video content in podcasts/youtube videos.

I actively support guest bloggers who wish to write technical content, but who don’t currently have their own platform to post/promote what they have written.

There are some basic rules around my guest blogger policy. These are outlined below:

Who can write a guest piece that will be published at
Anyone who would like to publish a technical/thought-leadership piece about Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business can request to share their content here.

How will the published article appear?
The article will appear on the site just like any other post here. The article authors name will be displayed along side the post.

Can I pay you to promote content here?
No. I have not, and will not accept any forms of payment to write, promote or host any content here.

What types of content can I publish here as a guest blogger?
I welcome:

  • Technical deployment guides/troubleshooting tips
  • Thought leadership posts
  • Technical scripting/coding
  • Technical guidance and best practices
  • Product reviews

I won’t approve:

  • Sales/promotional materials
  • Any paid for content.

How do I get in contact with you about becoming a guest blogger?
You can get in contact here: