What is CloudPBX and CCE?

With all the confusion around CloudPBX and Cloud Connector Edition right now, this video should hopefully answer some of your Office 365 Skype for business-related questions.


  1. Michael Griffith Reply

    Great video!

    I’m in one of the five lucky countries that has Cloud PBX! I wanted to point out that in addition to an Enterprise E5 license I also have to have a Skype for Business PSTN Domestic Calling license (or Skype for Business PSTN Domestic and International Calling). The E5 license includes the PSTN Conferencing.

  2. Matt Reply

    Hi Craig,
    Great, clear instructions thanks.
    I am AUS based. Just to be clear, I would need to have E5 + CloudPBX licenses right.
    Then because AUS is not yet able to have native PSTN access via CloudPBX (not one of the 5 countries listed), I would need to build the CCE environment. But does this need another license??

    • Craig Post authorReply

      Hi Matt,

      E5 already comes with a CloudPBX license, so if you have E5 licensing, you’re good to go.

      You’d need to build a CCE environment (either a server and SBC, or an SBC with CCE built in). If you build your own server, you’ll need Windows Server Data Center licensing for the base OS. SBC’s with CCE built in already come with this licensing.


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